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How To Bring Your Remix's Launcher Back!

How To Bring Your Remix's Launcher Back! - Catatan Nizwar ID
Hey everyone, this is my first thread with english, Actually i already post it a years ago, and i just want to write it again (repost) in my new blog... please correct my language and i will edit it as soon as posible :), Now i want to show you how to Bring your Remix OS Launcher back after you update something like Network thing in playstore 😁.
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Remix Playstore - Catatan Nizwar ID
Remix Playstore - Catatan Nizwar ID
Warning!, Do not uninstall your last update with root mode, because the package name is similiar as your desktop package name, so if you already uninstall it, you can download the apk here 😊. And i realized, actually, your old launcher was replaced by new Network app, idk why they put desktop launcher same as they last network app :/ that's weird. and that explain why your old Network doesn't replace as a new, but make a new icon isn't it?
Remix Launcher UI - Catatan Nizwar ID

and now, check this out! This Method must be work if you didn't uninstall it first as Rooted Mode!

1. Uninstall Remix Wifi Manually

Open Google Playstore, find Remix Wifi, and uninstall it.
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Uninstall Remix Wifi - Catatan Nizwar ID
Uninstall Remix Wifi - Catatan Nizwar ID

2. Open Terminal/Termux.

You can find it on Start Menu / App Drawer / what ever you call it 😅👌
Termux Interface - Catatan Nizwar ID

3. Enter SuperUser Command

Type su press Enter, and allow it if SuperUser poping up as his permissions.
SuperUser Permission - Catatan Nizwar ID

4. Enter Command

And then, type in pm disable, Enter.
Enter Command to Termux - Catatan Nizwar ID

5. Done 

Of Course!, your desktop must be changed for a second. but if nothing happen, just Blank Screen, DO NOT RESTART YOUR PC YET, OR YOU GOT SOMETHING LIKE BOOT LOOPING, So you must Type in TERMUX pm enable or you can install new Launcher in playstore and then Follow my instruction from number 2.

Attention, New Method if you already uninstall it, please Ignore Instruction Above and Follow my Instruction below Carefuly!
Download HERE if you already Uninstall it with Root Mode.


1. Download and install it (APK that you download from Link above), Of Course.

2. Restart your PC, APK will automatic installed as system (even we normally install it before).

3. Then Update it in Google Playstore.

4. Follow my First Instruction from step number 2.

Normally, your launcher must be back, but if you wont, maybe you are too ugly as hell 😂😂👌, just kidding mate, that's all.😅 please comment and let me know how you feels when you see your desktop back 😂. and see ya!.

Please put my link if you want to Copy and Paste it to another Article, i spend ten hours to find out 😢😢! 

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